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You say Justin Beiber.
I say not my bag but whatever man.
You say Lmfao, I say aight cool.
You say Carly Rae Jepson, I say nothing because I don't like arguing about music.
You say Im crazy.
Just kidding. You don't say that because we're decent human beings.
You tell me to burn in hell.
I got you again didn't I ahahahaha oh man these crazy accusations
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Raffiti by FruitSalad4225 Raffiti :iconfruitsalad4225:FruitSalad4225 0 0 Giraffa Evans, bad version by FruitSalad4225 Giraffa Evans, bad version :iconfruitsalad4225:FruitSalad4225 1 0
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Pirateless Island, part 5
June 10, 2020
I am on a raft as I type this. Apparently I was wrong about having to find a way off Pirateless Island. The ninjas were more than happy to help. I found this bamboo raft already set up outside my hut this morning. It had another one of those notes on a leaf.
Dear Mortal,
No offense, but you're really starting to make us nervous. We went ahead and set up this raft for you. Please, just take some fish or whatever and go. You should know before you leave that this is a specialized ninja raft. If you do anything piratey while you're on it, it will combust. That means no plundering, no flying a handmade Jolly Roger, no "arrs," and please, for the love of God, no singing "You are a Pirate." And remember, if you tell anyone where this island is, your head will explode.
Best wishes,
The Ninjas

This is why ninjas are better than pirates. When's the last time a pirate gave you an explosive raft? Or gave you anything, for that matter? It's the pirates' job to take your
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Pirateless Island, part 4
June 2, 2020
The ninjas don't seem to mind my living off their wood, water, and fish. I probably shouldn't be writing this, because I am more or less telling you about Pirateless Island. I figure that you can't find it if I don't tell you where it is, which is what the ninjas are afraid of. Not that I know where it is. I just wound up here.
I'm glad they're sharing everything, because in my current condition, it would be hard for me to overrun and bludgeon a gazelle or whatever they have here. I doubt I could do it in the first place. I have never practiced gazelle clubbing, as that skill becomes less and less important every day. It probably isn't even legal now. Gazelle stalking is not my forté.
Lately I've been weighing the advantages and disadvantages of missing a foot when I arrive back home. Yes, I can park in the handicapped spaces if they're not occupied by the cars of able-bodied people borrowing handicap tags from their grandparents, but I don't know if that's worth rece
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Pirateless Island, part 3
May 26, 2020
There's no doubt about it now. This island is inhabited. I discovered that today as I was exploring the forest. I found that in the very center of the island was an area completely devoid of trees. This area had several huts similar to mine. There were several tree stumps with bull's-eyes painted on the sides. These stumps had several slits in them, mostly in the centers of these bull's-eyes. There were beat-up wooden dummies and various obstacle courses. The biggest indicator of inhabitance was... well... the inhabitants. They were dressed entirely in loose, black clothing, with masks that covered their faces, except for the eyes. I recognized these people. They were ninjas.
Everything I had previously seen on the island made sense now. The empty hut. The firewood. The large pile of dead fish. They didn't even have to cover their tracks, this being their island. I'm the first non-ninja inhabitant of Pirateless Island.
"Um, hi," I said, trying to appear calm and not at all
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Pirateless Island, part 2
May 23, 2020
Living conditions have improved for me over the past five days. In what is undoubtedly another sign of inhabitance, I found a large pile of fish past the welcome sign and a stack of dry logs in the other direction. Most importantly, I found a lake. Pirateless Island is relatively small, so all three are within walking distance of my hut. I won't starve anytime soon.
There are still dangers of living here, however. Today, the volcano erupted. Yes, there is a volcano. You need a volcano on a semi-deserted island; it keeps away things that might be harmful, like pirates or Free Willy. (In all honesty, Willy might be more harmful to me than the pirates. Every one of those movies is a threat to humanity.)
The volcano didn't harm me, nor the logs or fish. It probably just scorched a few trees and scared off a certain orca whale. Maybe he swam away in the direction of his pod. That would be a good thing, because that guy really needs to quit straggling. That's what happens when y
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Pirateless Island, part 1
May 18, 2020
I just washed up on this island about two hours ago. It's nothing short of a miracle that I managed to salvage my desktop computer on which I type this. For reasons unknown even to me, I lugged it onboard the cruise ship that I escaped from in the evacuation that occurred less than four hours before this time of writing. It is powered by a large bongo drum I managed to pick up on my way out. I think this island may currently be inhabited. I can't be certain, but I'm positive I'm not the first one to ever live here, my evidence being the large sign I found as soon as I washed ashore. This sign read: "Welcome to Pirateless Island! A land of non-piratey paradise"
"Pirateless" is an understatement. Posted next to the welcome sign is a sign with strangely exacting "No hooks or pegs for appendages, No cutlasses, No Jolly Rogers unless lit on fire" rules on it. Beyond that, everywhere I look I see anti-pirate propaganda flyers taped to the trees. Either somebody here had, or has,
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A Beautiful Doodle by FruitSalad4225 A Beautiful Doodle :iconfruitsalad4225:FruitSalad4225 1 2
Robert and the Chinchilla
Everybody (meaning nobody) knows about chinchillas. And most people (meaning even less people than those who know what a chinchilla is) know the story of how chinchillas came into being. But if you're an ignorant person (or a completely normal person who couldn't care less about the made-up origin of exotic rodents), I'll tell you the story.
Long ago, Robert the Bobbert was walking along a sidewalk when, out of the blue, he tripped on something. Robert fell headfirst onto the concrete. Once he stood up and turned around, he realized he had tripped over a brown rabbit. Needless to say, Robert was angrier than Punxatawney Phil at a PETA rally.
Robert the Bobbert felt a burning hatred for this sinister rodent, so he decided to exact his revenge immediately. He picked up the bunny by its stump of a tail and aimed its head at the sky. He pulled back the bunny's tail as far as it would reach and let go, as if flinging a rubber band. The rabbit soared through the sky and landed somewhere in t
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I'm just using this journal for easy access to the codes for my intentionally shitty MLP OC.

Accesory code:
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Robot Jordan
United States
My name is Robert Jordan and I met Tara Strong once.

Most of what I've posted on DA was not originally intended for it. What I do is make something (usually for school), think it's pretty neat/funny, and post it here.

Send music my way.


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